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  • You’ve made the decision to buy a new car – easy!
  • You’ve decided on price range, manufacturer, model, specs and the all-important colour – easy!
  • Now to actually find that car by checking out all options in the market, negotiating with different dealers on price, comparing the deals to ensure you’re getting the best price – not so easy!

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Car brokers operate on an industry-industry level and can achieve the level of pricing which is often only offered to large company fleet buyers
  • Access to cheaper fleet prices for private buyers
  • Access to industry-only negotiating channels
  • Access to Australia-wide car deals
  • New and used car sales
  • Business and Private Buyers
  • Full range of vehicles – sedans, SUVs, utes, wagons, 4X4s

Use our convenient Jade Car Broker Service to Find Your Car

Just like our finance service handles all the aspects of sourcing your car loan, our car broker service handles sourcing you the car you’re after – at the cheapest price!

A car broker works in a similar way to a finance broker. You give us your order and we secure you the cheapest deal on the car you want.

Cheap car loans, cheaper car prices with our fleet discount negotiating power

As major participants in the motor vehicle finance sector, we’re across the market and have established working relationships with a network of new and used motor dealers across Australia.

These relationships entitle us, as car brokers, access to cheaper ‘fleet discount’ prices on many new vehicles even for single vehicle, private purchasers.

We use our broker status to achieve cheaper car prices for our customers.

Car dealers are keen to move stock and they’ll compete for your order when we put your brief out to the market. This process saves the dealer the time and money of directly dealing with the buyer and that savings can be passed on to you through our broker service.

Jade Car Broker Service – the convenient way to buy a car.

Buying online is the preferred way to shop for a whole range of goods and services and the car industry is also trending towards that format. But our broker service goes beyond the usual online shopping experience by searching the market on your behalf and allowing the car dealers to compete for your order rather than you competing with other sellers.

  • We take your brief via our online application form. Note – if you do want to test drive a car model we recommend you visit a local dealer and do that prior to submitting your order. Your brief should contain optional accessories and extras that you want.
  • No upfront costs involved in placing an order.
  • We put your order out to our pool of dealers and request their best price for that particular vehicle.
  • Dealers submit their best offers and advise availability. While manufacturers and dealers may advertise a recommended market price or a drive-away offer, in many instances, that’s just the starting point to negotiating on a better price.
  • Individual dealers will offer more competitive prices if they are over-stocked on that model, have demonstrator models or are just keen to do business and sell more cars.
  • Our Jade team assess the deals, select the cheapest option.
  • We present you the offer and on acceptance, finalise the deal.
  • When all the details are finalised, we’ll arrange pick-up/delivery of the car.
  • We’ve saved you a lot of time and hassle and delivered a cheaper priced car

TIP: Arranging pre-approved car finance through Jade Car Loans may further improve your chances of a cheaper price. Knowing your finance is assured, the dealers know the sale is pretty much a done deal and maybe even keener at slashing their price.

Submit your car order to Jade Car Broker Service today and enjoy the convenience of having our team source you a cheaper car.