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Purchasing a classic car is very often made as an investment with the expectation of an increase in value over a time period. The better the loan secured for the purchase and the cheaper the interest rate can play a significant part in what is realised as overall profit on that investment.

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Why Use Jade Car Loans?

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Driving cheap interest rates into every car loan

Cheap interest rates are at the very core of our business structure. It’s what defines us, differentiates us and gives you the competitive advantage. We optimise the freedom and the flexibility of our broker status to negotiate hard on interest rates with our strong bargaining power to deliver the cheapest rates for every car loan customer
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Jade Car Loans is your key to a cheaper car loan

Whether you’re a private car buyer or purchasing a business vehicle, using Jade Car Loans as your finance broker is a smart and sensible decision. We’re not constrained by a limited set of loan options like many banks and lenders. Our accreditation with a vast number of banks and lenders broadens our sources to hundreds of loan products. With more choices comes more opportunities to source you the cheapest car loan.
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Reliability, longevity, track record - the broker you can trust

When it comes to your finances, every detail matters. Especially the broker handling your car loan. Well-established and reputable, Jade Car Loans has an impressive track record of performance over our 20 years in the lending sector. A reputation that is your assurance that you’re dealing with a company that is reliable and continues to deliver cheap car loans, year after year, customer after repeat customer. We’re an Australian-owned committed to providing workable, affordable and effective financial solutions so other Australian businesses and individuals can turn their goals into achievements.
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Classic Car Loans – Accessible, Affordable and Achievable

To assist buyers in reviewing the loan options, we’ve collated the interest rates currently being offered from Jade and other lenders for your convenience. This table also doubles as a calculator to generate quick repayment estimates and clearly see how much Jade might save you on classic car loan repayments compared with other lenders.

Whether your classic car purchase is motivated by nostalgia, collecting or investing, Jade Car Loans provides access to affordable finance for that purpose. While not all motor vehicle lenders will offer loans for classic cars, as a specialist classic car finance broker, we have the lender connections to assist buyers in realising their aspirations and tick ‘own a classic car’ off their bucket list.

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No Deposit Unique and Classic Vehicle Finance

In many instances, the acquisition of a unique or classic car is a discretionary, luxury or non-essential purchase. Buyers may not wish to use existing cash for payment or even as a deposit. At Jade Car Loans, we fully understand this type of purchase and provide no deposit vehicle finance on our classic and unique car loans.

Our customers can include 100% of the purchase price in their loan. We may also be able to include additional expenses around the purchase in the loan as well. These may be auction house fees and charges and the cost of transporting the vehicle to your location.

When using our loan calculators, allow for any extras when inputting the total amount of your loan.

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Loan Products – Personal and Business Options

Both personal and business loan options are available to purchase historic, vintage, retro and classic vehicles and can be achieved at our trademark Jade Car Loans cheap interest rates. The purpose of the purchase and the aspects of the vehicle itself are contributing factors to which is the most appropriate loan product for your classic car purchase.

As most classic cars are put up for sale via auction or through a private seller, arranging pre-approved finance through Jade can be a strategic and beneficial move. Pre-approved loans are available across our loan portfolio and provide buyers with confidence when bidding that they have the funds available to proceed with the purchase.

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Our Secured Car Loan is commonly used for individuals purchasing classic cars as a personal acquisition. This is the same loan product used for current models and can be structured by your Jade consultant to suit classic cars which present in good order. The car is used as security against the loan and fixed interest rates, loan terms and repayments apply.

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If a classic car is being purchased by an individual for restoration or where the lender does not accept the vehicle as security, we offer the Unsecured Personal Car Loan. This loan has a general format and your Jade consultant will source and structure a loan to suit your specific requirements and vehicle.

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For businesses acquiring classic cars and unique vehicles, the ATO ruling in regard to classifying the vehicle for business purposes is that the vehicle must be for use in the business. We understand that business owners may acquire classic cars for use in a marketing or promotional campaign or as an investment for the business. For these purposes, our Secured Business Loan may be a suitable finance option. However, your Jade consultant will discuss your specific purchase and objectives regarding the suitability of our commercial finance facilities: Chattel Mortgage, Car Leasing, CHP, for the acquisition. To meet the criteria for some finance facilities, the purchase may need to meet ATO guidelines around a business asset acquisition and speaking with your accountant on this matter is advisable.

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For SMSF (Self-managed Super Funds) acquiring a class car as a collectible, Jade provides our range of commercial finance facilities which include Leasing, CHP and Chattel Mortgage. All finance deals are individually structured to meet specific requirements.

Calculate Your Own Repayments – Classic Car Loan Calculator

With the auction house catalogue in hand, why not head to our Car Loan Repayment Calculator to start working up repayments on all the vehicles you have your eye on to add to your collection. It’s free and easy to use – just enter the details of the loan you want for the different vehicles and note the repayments.


If the repayment is within your expectations, contact Jade prior to the auction to arrange a pre-approved loan or to provide a confirmed loan quote.

Source the Best Finance Package with Jade Car Finance Broker Services

Classic cars and unique vehicles are by definition usually unique and very often extremely rare. Not all banks and lenders may share your passion or appreciation for these highly prized cars and not have an affordable loan option to offer you. Using our specialist finance broker services provides access to cheaper interest rates and better loan options for classic cars.


As a broker-style, Jade Car Loans has our own prized ‘collection’. Collection of lenders that is. We’re accredited with multiple banks and non-bank lenders including those that do make highly realistic loan offers for unique cars. With access to these lenders, your Jade consultant will source you the cheapest offer available on the market which suits your specific loan application and vehicle.


For a quote on lending for a classic car, unique vehicle or motor vehicle collectible for personal or business purposes, contact 1300 000 003.

Lender Loan Product Advertised Rate Comparison Rate Monthly Repayment
Jade Car Loan 6.29%Secured 7.33%Comparison $584.04 MONTHLY
NAB Fixed Rate Personal Loan 6.99%Fixed Rate 7.91%Comparison $593.89 MONTHLY
St George Fixed Rate Personal Loan 6.49%Fixed Rate 7.61%Comparison $586.84 MONTHLY
ANZ Fixed Rate Personal Loan 7.49%Fixed Rate 8.18%Comparison $601.00 MONTHLY
Westpac Secured Car Loan 5.99%Fixed Rate 7.20%Comparison $579.84 MONTHLY
CBA Secured Personal Loan 7.50%Fixed Rate 8.20%Comparison $601.14 MONTHLY
Car Loan
6.29%Secured 7.33%Comparison $584.04 MONTHLY
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
6.99%Fixed Rate 7.91%Comparison $593.89 MONTHLY
St George
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
6.49%Fixed Rate 7.61%Comparison $586.84 MONTHLY
Fixed Rate Personal Loan
7.49%Fixed Rate 8.18%Comparison $601.00 MONTHLY
Secured Car Loan
5.99%Fixed Rate 7.20%Comparison $579.84 MONTHLY
Secured Personal Loan
7.50%Fixed Rate 8.20%Comparison $601.14 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.

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Classic Car Loans FAQs

Acquiring a classic car, a rare vehicle or a unique vehicle can be an exceptional opportunity. Whether to add to your collection of cars or memories or as an investment, in most cases these are considered purchases. Buyers will want to tick all their boxes and have all queries addressed in regard to their finance options before proceeding. As classic car loans are a specialist area of the motor vehicle finance sector, we fully appreciate that you will have questions. We’ve addressed a number of typical queries in this section and welcome your contact to discuss your loan in detail.

  • In general, a classic car is defined as a motor vehicle which is over 30 years old. This may include passenger cars, trucks and buses. The vehicle can be considered historic, antique, collectible, vintage or retro. Lending is available for passenger cars, collectibles, ex-military vehicles, vehicles acquired from international sellers and imported, left and right hand drives and others. Unique and rare vehicles can also be financed and these can be less than 30 years old and as such may attract different lending and interest rates.

  • If a business is acquiring a unique, rare or classic vehicle, the finance product application will be dependent on a number of factors including the purpose of the loan, the use of the vehicle and the business structure purchasing the vehicle. To be eligible for tax benefits applicable to business finance, the purchase would need to meet ATO rulings in regard to business vehicles and/or assets.  The most suitable lending facility may depend on whether the purchase is for a vehicle to be used in the business, as an investment by the business or as a marketing prop. Finance options may include Secured or Unsecured Business Loans and in some cases such as a purchase by an SMSF, Chattel Mortgage, Leasing or CHP may be applicable.

  • Classic cars are defined in finance sectors as vehicles that are 30+ years old. These vehicles may or may not be eligible or pass registration. It is understood by lenders that offer this type of finance that a classic car may not be registered for use on state roads. Car registration is not a condition of all types of classic car lending. If the vehicle is operational and will be used on roads, then it will need to be registered. If it is exclusively kept off-road, in storage, then registration would not be necessary. With all secured loans, an insurance policy is required to be taken out on the goods. Whether the classic car is registered or not will be a factor for consideration by insurers when issuing a policy.

  • Yes. The classic car market encompasses auction houses, specialist motor vehicle dealers and private sellers. Where or from whom the classic car is being purchased is not a condition of being eligible for lending nor should it affect the type of loan options or the interest rate applicable. The lending is quoted by lenders based on an assessment of the applicant, the purpose of the purchase and the vehicle itself. If purchasing from a private seller or at auction, it can be useful to arrange pre-approved finance prior to entering discussions with the seller or attending the auction. Having finance confirmed can provide buyers with greater confidence and it can be a negotiating tool. Private sellers may be keen to sell and incentivised to reduce their price for a quick sale which pre-approved lending provides.

  • Ex-military vehicles are extremely popular with collectors of both military memorabilia and classic vehicles. Lenders that are active in the classic car finance space can offer to lend for the purchase of ex-military vehicles. These may be in operational or non-operating condition. The type of lending most suited would depend on a number of factors. If the vehicle is in good condition the Secured Car Finance format for classic cars may be most suitable. If the vehicle requires restoration and is therefore not in good condition, Unsecured Personal Financing may be most suitable. The interest rate on these types of finance varies.