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Cheap interest rates are at the very core of our business structure. It’s what defines us, differentiates us and gives you the competitive advantage. We optimise the freedom and the flexibility of our broker status to negotiate hard on interest rates with our strong bargaining power to deliver the cheapest rates for every car loan customer
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Whether you’re a private car buyer or purchasing a business vehicle, using Jade Car Loans as your finance broker is a smart and sensible decision. We’re not constrained by a limited set of loan options like many banks and lenders. Our accreditation with a vast number of banks and lenders broadens our sources to hundreds of loan products. With more choices comes more opportunities to source you the cheapest car loan.
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Understanding ABN Car Loans for Commercial Vehicles

An ABN Car Loan is another term used in the finance sector in relation to no docs and low docs car finance.  It refers to business vehicle finance which is secured with none or very little financial information around the actual business, except the ABN.

It is not uncommon for our consultants to assist customers with ABN Car Finance as more and more people look to set up their own businesses. There is a growing trend toward self-employment, contractor-based work, people turning a hobby business into a more sizeable concern, consultants and other professionals transitioning through from employment to retirement via a ‘still doing some work’ phase and a lot of tradies that go out on their own as soon as it is feasible.

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ABN Car Finance Types

Depending on the lender and your individual requirements, there are a number of car finance types available:

  • Car Leasing
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Chattel Mortgage

The details of each of these products are covered in full on our web pages.

Jade Car Loans assists a wide range of customers to secure all types of car finance and we welcome your call to discuss an ABN Car Finance deal for your business.

To discuss an ABN Car Loan with one of our Jade Car Loans consultants, call 1300 000 003.

Conditions and Requirements

There is some information that is essential to an ABN Car Loan and some conditions may apply. As with no docs and low docs loans, by having less information to verify financials, lenders may rate the loan at a higher risk and as such apply a higher interest rate.

But your Jade consultant will know which of the lenders that we are accredited with will make you the best offer and will negotiate the best deal for you.

  • An ABN is essential.
  • As with all loan applications, proof of identification is essential.
  • Where you do have some financial information, it is advisable to provide BAS statements, bank statements and any financial accounts, whether prepared by an accountant or yourself, to support your application.
  • If you are a recently-acquired ABN holder and where no additional security apart from the vehicle is provided as security against the loan, a deposit may be required by the lender for an ABN Car Loan.
  • The GST status of the business – either registered for GST or not registered for GST – may result in additional conditions being placed on the loan.

Best Car Loan Calculator

Making use of this online free calculator is established on the individual’s awareness and undertaking that the outcome displayed does not specify a loan quote; it does not indicate an application for any loans has actually been lodged; it is not a suggestion that any lending application has actually been approved. The formatting of this calculator does not take into account specific information pertaining to any kind of particular personal finance application or any kind of loan provider fees and also costs. It is formatted to multiply a general outcome based on general details as well as values only.


After lodging a formal lending application, the quote and payment totals that you might be given might vary from the loan quote worked out by this device.


The tool is not suitable for computations on car loans that are established on a passion just basis. The format is simply set up to compound the calculated interest rate for a set time period based upon the amounts entered by the user.


The calculator is not planned as a device for financial decision making. Users that require financial advice ought to look for an expert monetary expert in regard to their personal circumstances. To make an application for a loan and also acquire a quote based on your individual requirements, the individual must speak to Jade as well as have their individual application assessed by among our Jade specialists.

Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
Jade Business Car Loan 6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Unsecured 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Business Loans - Secured 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Overdraft - Non Bank 14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Jade Chattel Mortgage 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Jade Operating Leases 6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Business Car Loan
6.70%Fixed Rate $589.80 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Unsecured
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Business Loans - Secured
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Overdraft - Non Bank
14.95%Fixed Rate $712.91 MONTHLY
Chattel Mortgage
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY
Operating Leases
6.85%Fixed Rate $591.92 MONTHLY

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

We work harder to secure the best rates.

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ABN Only Car Finance FAQs

ABN only car loans are a highly specialised area of motor vehicle financing which requires individual action. Each enquiry that is received by Jade is addressed and assessed on individual attributes but there are general guidelines relevant across the category. We’ve defined ABN vehicle loans in general on our web pages and drilled down into more specifics here. After taking in this information, please contact one of our consultants for a quote based on your individual requirements. Call 1300 000 003

  • A pre-requisite for a business car loan is to be a business and in Australia, that requires the holding of an ABN. So if you currently hold an ABN, you are technically in a position to apply for business vehicle finance. However, there are other requirements to be offered business vehicle finance. Lenders will request some form of financial documentation relating to your business. This may be BAS returns, financial accounts and other such verification of your business. Accounts. If an ABN holder only has minimal financial documentation as is often the case with a business that is just starting up, then an ABN-only car loan can be sourced through specialist vehicle lenders. Not all banks and lenders provide ABN-only loans.

  • An ABN-only loan is a type of car loan in the same broad classification as no doc car loan. This type of loan is structured for businesses that have an ABN but very little, or no substantial financial accounts as is required for a fully-documented business vehicle finance deal. The minimal requirements for this type of loan are a current ABN and proof of identity. Preferable is being registered for GST, presentation of BAS returns and presentation of some form of business financial accounts, even simple spreadsheets. As this type of loan is assessed as a higher risk than a fully documented loan, the interest rate may be the same as an advertised rate but with additional conditions placed on the loan. Loan conditions depend on individual lenders and may include requesting a higher deposit be paid to reduce the loan amount and maximums on the amount that will be lent.

  • All loan applications including ABN only car financing, are assessed on an individual basis. Lenders make their own risk assessment of each business and offer the interest rate and loan conditions based on that assessment. In most cases, it is presumed that some form of trade/business is being conducted by an ABN-holder. In order to be offered car finance, the applicant will need to prove they have the ability to repay the loan. This will require some form of income which would normally come from the trading of the ongoing business. Some lenders may accept a self declaration of this income.

  • Yes, it can be. ABN only loans are in the category of low docs and no docs finance. With these types of loans, applicants do not have all the financial records and documents that are usually required for motor vehicle finance. With less documentation to verify the financial position and ability to service the loan, this type of loan is considered as a higher risk. As a higher risk loan, ABN only loans can be offered at the same rate as fully documented loans but with additional conditions. In some cases, the interest rate may be higher. Applicants can improve their chances of achieving a lower interest rate by providing more financial documents. In general, the more docs provided and the better quality of docs the better the loan outcome.