EOFY & SOFY Business Car Deals: Toyota Small-Medium Range

Astute business owners know that EOFY (end of financial year) and SOFY (start of financial year) are the prime times to get in for great car deals and structure a motor vehicle finance deal to benefit tax-wise. If you didn’t take advantage of the Australian Government COVID-19 Instant Asset Write-Off stimulus package, then now may be a great time to purchase a new business vehicle.

We’re taking a browse around some of the most popular motor vehicle brands to see what’s on offer, starting with Toyota small to medium passenger vehicles. Toyota is one of the most popular car manufacturers with Australian buyers due to their reliability, affordability and widespread availability of dealers and service centres.

The popular vehicles in the Toyota small to medium range include the zippy and economical Yaris and everyone’s ‘first car favourite’ the Corolla. And coming soon - the Yaris Cross Hybrid – more on that in future blogs.

Toyota Yaris

If you’re a city-based business then a major priority when choosing a new car is – parking! The bane of many city motorists and an absolute pain for a lot of business operators who need to get around town quickly. For business owners that need a reliable small vehicle for local errands, getting around the city and suburbs for meetings and possibly small deliveries, the Yaris could be worth considering.

The Yaris Ascent looks the part with sporty and stylish lines is a dream to fit into those ‘hurrah I found one’ small parking spaces and includes a heap of functional and high-tech features that may surprise you.

It may be classified as a small car, but inside there is a load of space for passengers and loads. The hatch opens wide and the flexible 60/40 back seat configuration allows plenty of space to load up your stock and customer deliveries.

Driveability is enhanced with the integrated steering wheel console which places many of your controls at the fingertips. The different models in the Yaris range – SX, ZR – include different selections of options so check out what you want to decide the ideal Yaris for your needs.

Small doesn’t mean skimpy on safety with Toyota. Yaris has the highest 5-star ANCAP safety rating with 7 airbags, a reversing camera and advanced braking available.

One of the biggest decision – which colour? Toyota offers a large number of colour choices so you can match your car to your business logo and let your local signage specialist design a great wrap to promote your business.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is a staple in the Toyota range dating back decades. Once, and still, considered the perfect ‘first car’ for new drivers, the Corolla has matured to become equally fun and young for the weekends yet sedate and stylish for business types.

Available in both sedan and hatch, the Toyota Corolla ticks a lot of boxes for business owners wanting a vehicle to cover all their business requirements yet still be their go-to vehicle for the family’s weekend demands.

The sedan has a longer wheelbase than the hatch to provide more legroom for passengers and create a very stylish look which creates a more upmarket appearance than its price tag would suggest. It’s packed with tech with touchscreen multimedia and keyless entry available on some models. You have a choice of the 1.8L hybrid engine or the 2.0L 16-valve petrol version.

As you would expect from Toyota, safety is paramount and the Corolla Sedan is equipped with the latest safety features including speed limit warnings, 7 airbags, lane assist controls and many more.

The Hatch is a classic! An award-winner with the smart tech, hybrid and petrol engine options, sporty looks practicality and functionality to the max. Many businesses have pivoted to customer deliveries and the Corolla Hatch is the ideal vehicle for those that have relatively small orders to deliver. The hatch opens wide for easy loading of your business orders during the week and your toys and sporting gear on weekends.

Business Car Finance Deals

To capture a great EOFY Toyota deal, check out what’s on offer or call your local Toyota dealer for a test drive.

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Check out our web pages for the details and have a chat with your accountant as to which is the most appropriate finance for your business structure.

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