Crushing the COVID-19 Commute

With the COVID-19 curve flattening and restrictions being eased, new effects of coronavirus are beginning to emerge as we have to come to terms with the new normal. The social distancing rules combined with the capacity ruling of 4 sq m per person is now having an impact on public transport.

During the height of the crisis, when everyone was in lockdown and most working from home, public transport was extremely under-patronised. But as schools reopen and the workforce returns to offices and other places of business, transport authorities are having to put measures in place to deal with social distancing. Trains, buses, trams and ferries will all have capacity significantly reduced for some time.

For those who count on public transport to get to work and generally get around, this may pose serious problems. The NSW Premier was one of the first state leaders to come out and publicly ask people not to use public transport in peak times. She encouraged people to walk, bike or drive!

Reimagining Commuting Solutions

Yes, drive! After decades of being encouraged to use public transport to take congestion off the roads and reduce carbon emissions, we’re now being told to get back into our cars. Extra parking arrangements are being made close to the main CBDS to cater for the influx in some cities.

But this poses a big problem if you don’t own a car. In recent times, many people have ditched car ownership in favour of public transport, ride-sharing and using shared car services when they need a car. But with more people having to find alternatives to public transport, one would expect demand will be at a premium for shared services.

If that sounds like you and you don’t own a car, then it may be time to buy a car so you can crush your post-pandemic commute. If your car needs an upgrade or is not fuel-efficient enough to be economical for a daily drive to work every day, could be time to consider buying a new vehicle.

We take a quick look at what’s available in the small car market and how to finance your purchase.

Cars for Commuting

The good news for those buying a car is that car sales have been down so dealers, especially in the new car market, will be keen to sell, sell, sell. Add to that the extra sweetener that we are approaching the end of the financial year sale time and the scenario is shaping as looking good for you to get a great deal.

If you’re primarily buying a car for commuting, then a small car is probably in your sights. This is by far the most popular vehicle market in Australia and there are quite a few makes and models to consider.

In the under $40K range, the Hyundai i30, Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Golf are very popular.

In the lower budget range, say under $20K have a look at the range of Suzuki and Kia models and the Toyota Yaris.

European Flair and Upscale Choices

For a more stylish car in town, Fiat, Renault and Peugeot have that European flair and the Mini Cooper is especially great for making the most of small parking spaces with a funky edge.

Most models in the small car range feature a handy hatchback design which makes them ideal for stowing the shopping or the luggage for that weekend away.

If you want to take it up a notch but still stay in the small size range, visit your local Audi or BMW dealer and test drive their small car collections.

Small cars, especially when utilized for small business car finance, can do a lot of kilometres. So if you’re buying second-hand, make sure you get a mechanic to give you an assessment of any work that may need to be done now or shortly. While you have some warranty coverage under consumer law with both dealer and private sales, not all mechanical work would be included.

Cheap Car Loans

While you’re likely to find some great purchase deals on new cars, you can also find a great deal on a car loan. Jade Car Loans specialises in cheap commercial car loans and we’re ready to make you a great offer.

As a car loan broker, we are accredited with multiple banks and lenders so we have access to a greater choice of lenders than if you source your loan, which can be a challenge. While banks have been under pressure during the COVID-19 crisis and some have tightened lending guidelines for some loans, we have contacts with lenders that are offering great deals on motor vehicle finance.

Your Jade consultant will discuss your requirements, assist you with our business car loan calculator, and source you a quote. On acceptance, we'll handle the paperwork to save you time and get you behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

So if you want to avoid the hassles that public transport may pose due to coronavirus and get behind your own wheel, give us a call and discuss your requirements with one of our Jade Car Loans consultants. Call 1300 000 003