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Climate Change, COVID-19 and Cars

Remember climate change? The world’s greatest challenge and most pressing problem prior to COVID-19? The global protests led by Greta Thunberg, the pressure and the push-back to reduce carbon emissions. Unfortunately but understandably, climate change has had to take a back seat as the life-threatening issues around coronavirus dominate both the news and just about every element of across the globe.
But there is an interesting relationship between COVID-19 and climate change that is yet to get large-scale coverage and we’ve made the connection to the motor vehicle market. The lockdowns of manufacturing, suspension of air travel, less cars on the roads, less ships in the oceans is reducing carbon emissions. Before and after satellite images in big-polluting countries such as China, clearly show a much clearer and cleaner environment during the COVID-19 shutdowns. A photo on social media by a resident in India revealed a view of the nearby mountains which most of the population in that city had never seen because it was always obscured by smog. The waters in the Venice canals are the cleanest in centuries with even sea life returning.
While at the moment these are only interesting observations and make for great social media photos, it’s highly likely that once the coronavirus emergency subsides, the climate change conversation will once again make the front pages.

Electric Vehicles: Overview

This is sure to put the spotlight on electric and hybrid vehicles. Buyers will be making big decisions when it comes to their next new car purchase. Apart from badge, model, size and colour you’ll have to include – petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric power.
Initially electric vehicles (EVs) were perceived as somewhat of a novelty by many and with the range a major factor and the lack of charging stations a big deal-breaker, the take-up was not significant. But as those factors have been addressed, there is a push in the community to address climate change by reducing carbon emissions. Engine manufacturers have been investing big money in research and development of energy-efficient systems and the EV is increasing in popularity.
We took a browse around some of the major manufacturers to see what’s on offer in EV models and other energy efficient issues.
Toyota was an early-adopter with its Prius range and continues to be a leader in the hybrid market. However, the big news out of Toyota…according to ‘industry sources’, the Land Cruiser V8 is being discontinued. Apparently, Toyota is phasing out the petrol and diesel V8s in favour of their V6 engine including petrol hybrids. The Land Cruiser has been an icon for 4WD lovers and people on the land and this will be big news for many.
Tesla is probably the car manufacturer that most people instantly associate with electric vehicles and they’ve managed to combine luxury with functionality. They are continuing their push into the general car market with a range of models available to suit many drivers.
Climate change has been a big thing in Germany for a long time, with many government initiatives. So it’s not surprising that the big names in German motor vehicle manufacturing have followed suit.
BMW has had an EV in their model range since 2014 and Audi is also in the market. The Audi e-tron collection presents a climate-friendly package with an SUV and sporty edge. Mercedes-Benz launched the EQC last year and adds luxury and their signature style to the sensibility of addressing emissions technology.
But probably the biggest news, at least for top of the range, sports car lovers, Porsche is due to release the Taycan in 2020. Check out the Porsche website for all the specs.

Finance for Climate Friendly Cars

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Some states offer discounts on rego and other charges for electric vehicles so it could be worth checking out your state motor/transport department for details.
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