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American Car Company

US-made pick-up trucks, muscle cars and performance vehicles are in a class of their own and for purchasing one in Australia, you can’t go past the American Car Company, based in south-east Queensland. American Car Company sells both new and used US made special vehicles and carries out the full conversion to right hand drive so you can drive your vehicle in Australia.

They carry out the full conversion for very popular Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra Denali, Ford ‘F’ Series trucks, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, Ram series, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the classic Chelby Super Snake and the Dodge Challenger Demon.

The team at American Car Company has been involved in the automotive industry over a very long time and across many facets of the sectors. So they know cars and they especially know how right- hand conversions.

They stress the importance of understanding what a ‘full conversion’ really means as it is critical that you choose only specialists, such as American Car Company, to carry out your conversion. The full conversion means that the steering box is actually moved to the right side of the vehicle. All conversions meet the ISO9001 quality standards and covered by a significant 24 month warranty plus an additional mechanical warranty.

If you’re considering a right-hand conversion, you need to understand what is and is not compliant. Some companies carry out a South-Paw or Cross-Shaft Conversion which can comply under Australian Design Rules but are no longer allowed for passenger vehicles. These types of conversions are not the full conversion that American Car Company specialises in. It’s worth reading the detailed information in regard to conversions, compliance and government regulations at American Car Company.

American Car Company offer quality vehicles with new cars arriving in stock each week, so it’s worth keeping in touch so you’re first to know when your dream machine lands.

Head to their website to check out what’s available right or contact the team to discuss what you are looking for. The business is located in Upper Coomera, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, but if you’re located in another state – that’s not a problem. If you’re flying in to inspect or take delivery of your vehicle, you’ll be collected at the airport. If you require transport of your vehicle to another state – no problem, that can easily be arranged.

Many people dream of owning an American classic – a muscle car, performance car or an iconic pick-up. American Car Company can make your dream a reality with a great price, a fully compliant full conversion and exceptional service.

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To discuss a loan on a US-made vehicle from American Car Company, contact Jade Car Loans 1300 000 003.

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