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Compare Motorbike Loans & Finance Options From Major Lenders

Enter the loan amount and loan term on our easy to use motorbike finance calculator to compare the monthly motorbike loan repayments from over 40 lenders in Australia. Comparing various bike loans to help you see how much you can save from each lender.

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* The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

Latitude is a relatively new name in the Australian financial sector but the business has vast experience and a long history in the consumer finance sector as GE Finance. GE was known as a leader in consumer finance as the provider to many leading retailers to assist customers in the purchase of household and other consumer goods.

In 2015, the business was acquired by new owners and underwent a rebranding, and emerged as Latitude Financial Services. You may have seen the rebranding campaign which featured Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

Latitude Financial Services is a leading Australian consumer financial services company and provides a range of services including credit cards, personal loans, and insurance, and car loans.

Jade Car Loans is accredited with Latitude and we utilise their expertise in consumer finance in sourcing great personal car loans for our customers. Latitude specialises in consumer loans not business motor vehicle finance and Jade has other lending sources for our business vehicle customers.

Approaching Latitude for your car loan directly is possible and can be done online. The company tends to direct customers to their online services. For used car loans in particular, Latitude is a preferred finance provider as they offer loans for cars as old as 15 years. Not all banks and other lenders will offer loans on vehicles of that age. Latitude also promotes its highly competitive interest rates for consumer loans.

While you can apply directly to Latitude, using the professional finance broker services offered by Jade to arrange your low interest rate car loan presents many benefits which may save you money on your loan and will definitely save you time and a lot of hassles.

The Jade Car Loans Advantage

Jade Car Loans is accredited with Latitude Financial Services which gives us industry access to their specialist team that works with financers. Direct access at this level enables your Jade consultant to speed up the process and negotiate the best interest rates, best fees and charges, and any trickly or sticky conditions around your application.

As we have a long-term working relationship with Latitude, we fully understand their lending guidelines, how they operate, how they price their loans, and what aspects of an individual application will attract higher or lower rates and/or an easing or tightening of their restrictions.

That will all be handled on your behalf by your financial lending professional. Once you have discussed your requirements with Jade in your initial conversation, we can guide you through what is required in your application, source you a quote for your car loan from Latitude, and if that quote is acceptable to you, we will follow-through with finalising the loan so you are able to move forward with your car purchase.

If you are unsure if you would meet Latitude’s guidelines or you would like your finance organised before you proceed to look at cars, simply request a pre-approved car loan from your Jade consultant.

Arranging a Latitude Car Loan

Many individuals naturally gravitate to the major Big 4 banks when seeking a car loan. But other lenders, such as Latitude present a highly competitive alternative for many applications and may deliver you a cheaper car loan.

It is always astute and due diligence to consider a range of options when making major financial decisions. Our industry consultants are able to help with this process as we consider a range of lenders when sourcing personal car loans.

The market is competitive with numerous finance companies vying for consumer business. Latitude is a lender that is always on the Jade radar and if their quote is the best for you – Jade will present it for your consideration.

For more informaiton on Latitude Personal Car Loan please call 1300 000 003 and speak with a Jade Car Loans consultant.

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