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What Is Car Chattel Mortgage

Compare Chattel Car Mortgage with Other Commercial Finance Products

Chattel Mortgage is the most popular form of business vehicle finance. Compare best interest rates with other popular business use loan products on the Australian market. Simply adjust the amount you wish to finance to calculate a repayment estimation on the product review.

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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

As part of our portfolio of commercial car finance products, Jade Car Loans offers Chattel Mortgage as an extremely flexible, workable and effective car loan option for many businesses. Chattel Mortgage is the most popular type of loan for business vehicles as it suits many businesses from single, self-employed operators through to large corporations that implement a cash accounting method.

We will structure a Chattel Mortgage for the purchase of your vehicle specifically to suit your business requirements. As a broker, your business is our primary interest so we’re working to get you the best deal available.

Chattel Mortgage Car Finance: Key Features

  • The lender takes a mortgage or security over the car, the chattel, while the borrower makes monthly repayments.
  • The borrower, you, take ownership of the car from the time of purchase, the vehicle is registered in your name and you are responsible for all operating costs, maintenance, insurance and registration.
  • When all payments, including any balloon, are finalised, the lender relinquishes the security/mortgage and full ownership is transferred to the borrower.
  • Jade arranges all Car Chattel Mortgage deals based on our signature low car loans rates.
  • The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan.
  • Monthly repayments can be set to suit your financial requirements and once set, are fixed for the term of the loan. We have the flexibility to vary the loan term to increase or reduce the monthly repayment to a level that suits you.
  • Only the interest on monthly payments is tax deductible, not the full monthly payment.
  • The term of the Chattel Mortgage is fixed and can be set from 2 years/24 months to 7 years/84 months.
  • GST on the full purchase price of the car, not the full loan amount, can be claimed by the borrower on their next BAS if you are GST claimable
  • As GST is claimed on purchase, GST does not apply to the monthly repayments or the interest. GST is charged on any fees and charges. When establishing a Chattel Mortgage, your Jade consultant in consultation with your accountant can advise the amount of GST to claim against each monthly payment.
  • A balloon, payable after the final monthly payment is finalised, may be included.
  • Depreciation on the vehicle is claimed in accordance with ATO guidelines.

Due to the popularity of Car Chattel Mortgage, most banks and finance companies offer this facility. But we offers additional benefits when arranging your car finance. We are accredited with many lenders so we can review the deals from multiple lenders and present you with the cheapest deal with the best deals on interest rates.

If you have reasons for wanting to organise motor finance through your bank, your Jade consultant will negotiate the deal on your behalf. Saves you time and you get the additional benefit of our superior negotiating skills and industry expertise.

If  purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer, private seller or auction your Jade consultant can assist with additional services include REVS, verifying ID and other matters relating to the purchase.

Speak with a Jade Consultant to discuss a Chattel Mortgage solution for your business vehicle. Call 1300 000 003

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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 28/11/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

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**The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $30,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, new goods, effective 28/11/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Chattel MortgageCalculator

Using this free online calculator is predicated on the person's awareness and also undertaking that the estimated repayments showed does not illustrate a finance quote; it does not mean an application for any loans has been lodged; it is not a suggestion that any loan application has actually been approved. The formatting of this device does not take into account certain information regarding any type of certain individual loan application or any kind of lending institution fees and charges. It is formatted to produce a basic outcome based on general info as well as amounts only.
After lodging a formal loans application, the quote and also payment amounts that you may likely be offered might vary from the finance quote calculated by this online calculator.
The gadget is not ideal for computations on loans that are developed on a rate of interest just basis. The format is purely established to compound interest for a set period based upon the amounts put in by the user.
The calculator is not planned as a device for finance decision-making. Individuals that call for finance advice need to seek out an financial planner in relation to their circumstances. To make an application for a loan as well as obtain a quote based upon your personal requirements, the user needs to call Jade as well as have their personal application considered by one of our Jade experts.

Finance Calculator Disclaimer

FAQs: Chattel Mortgage

Despite having a somewhat perplexing name, Chattel Mortgage is actually a very easy to understand form of business vehicle finance. To assist customers, some banks and lenders now refer to Chattel Mortgage simply as a Business Car Loan. Chattel Mortgage is the most popular form of business vehicle finance and we hope the information provided here will assist with your car loan decision-making. For a quote or more information, simply contact us and one of our consultants will handle your finance application.

What is a chattel?   

Chattel is an old term and one that is often used in legal documents. The law has a tendency to use traditional and sometimes very ancient terminology. A chattel refers to goods or possession or moveable personal property. Property or assets that are not freehold land or fixed such as houses.


In the context of a Chattel Mortgage for a motor vehicle, the Chattel is the vehicle. The lender takes a mortgage over the Chattel. Essentially, the Chattel is the security against the loan.


Some banks and lenders, including the Commonwealth Bank, simply refer to Chattel Mortgage as an Equipment Loan. Despite the old style terminology, the Chattel Mortgage is the most common form of finance for business vehicles.

Is a mortgage on car the same as home mortgage?   

Chattel Mortgage Car Finance is a fairly straightforward type of loan and not dissimilar to the finance concept of a home mortgage. By definition a mortgage is a debt instrument which can be applied to different types of property or assets.


With a Chattel Mortgage the lender uses the vehicle as the security against the loan. The vehicle is mortgaged to the lender in a similar way as a home mortgage. The lender extends the funds, uses the car as security and the borrower repays the loan in monthly repayments.


Chattel Mortgage is the most popular form of business vehicle finance in Australia as it suits many business structures that use a cash accounting method.

What are the tax benefits of Chattel Mortgage?   

The income tax benefit to a business from a Chattel Mortgage is realised primarily through the depreciation of the vehicle. Only the interest portion of the repayments are tax deductible. At the end of the financial year, the business can depreciate the asset in accordance with the current ATO rulings and that amount is deducted from the taxable income of the business for that tax year.


In regard to GST, the business can claim the full amount of GST which is applicable to the purchase of the motor vehicle on the BAS statement relevant to the time of purchase. Essentially that can be immediately.

Luxury car tax thresolds may apply to the maximum you may claim

What is a balloon?   

Chattel Mortgage offers borrowers the option to include a balloon. A balloon is a percentage of the purchase price of the vehicle which is deferred for payment at the end of the finance term. A balloon is not included when calculating the monthly repayments.


By including a balloon, the repayments are then reduced. Please note you still pay interest on any balloon amount borrowed. The balloon is represented as a percentage of the purchase price. The exact amount is negotiated by your Jade consultant with the lender. Some lenders will have a maximum balloon.


Strategically, borrowers will be seeking a balloon which reduces the repayments to an amount within their expectations while not exceeding the anticipated value of the vehicle at the end of the loan term. To pay out a balloon, a business can seek to refinance with a new loan or pay the amount from cash funds.

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