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Business Car Finance - Commercial Vehicle Finance

Better cheaper rates first time. No strings attached! We will not be beaten on car loans, guaranteed! If you can find a cheaper package, we will not only match it but give you $200*So we offer a cash guarantee. If you can source a cheaper finance package than our offer, we’ll not only match that offer but we’ll also give you $200**

Why Use Jade Finance?

Better Commercial Car Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rate from 3.75%
We offer you a better car loan or motor vehicle finance package whether you’re an ongoing business, just starting out, or are a ‘no financials, no docs’ business. We don’t like to ‘bettered’ when it comes to car loans and especially interest rates. If you can find a cheaper deal, we’ll will not only match that offer, we’ll make it even better with $200** cash hand-out to you.

Rely on Our Specialist Car Finance Advice

Business vehicle finance is specialised and with our expertise, you are assured you are receiving the highest level of professional advice across the details of all the options available to you. As experienced brokers, we’re focused on your requirements and save you time and hassle by handling the entire process on your behalf and with your consent.

Efficient, Smooth Process

Our systems, process and procedures have been developed to suit the specific needs of our business car finance customers. You’ll receive expert, professional information on commercial car finance products and personalised attention from your dedicated consultant in a timely, organised manner. Jade Car Loan consultants have the knowledge, experience and the connections with exactly the right lenders to suit your requirements. Outcome – our best offer, quickly, straight up and with approval and settlement finalised promptly.

Better Loans, Better Interest Rates

As Aussie finance brokers, we have access to a wide range of lenders, including exclusive industry-only sources that expand our options for sourcing the best business car finance solution at the best interest rate for your vehicle.

Your personal Jade consultant, acting like your personal business manager, will structure a cost-effective, workable finance deal that suits your business from our portfolio of Car Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), Car Leasing, Business Car Loan and Novated Car Lease or Salary Sacrifice. A deal designed specifically to work with your business tax requirements and cash flow and drive your business growth.

We’ve built an enviable reputation, grown an impressive customer base and developed a track-record based on performance. Our objective is not only to provide you with one highly effective car loan, but to partner with your business as an integral member of your advisor team to provide commercial finance solutions across other areas of your operations.

  • Chattel Mortgage Financing
  • Motor Vehicle Leasing
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Flexible Balloon/Residules for Business Planning
  • Low Doc Car Loans
  • Single Motor Loans and Entire Fleet Finance
  • Corporate fleet packages, self-employed owner-operator lending
  • Fixed Repayments, Fixed Terms: free up cash flow with up to 7 years
  • No Deposit Car Loans
  • Options to optimise tax, depreciation and balance sheet strategy

Simplifying the Complex

To successfully navigate through the complex nature of business car finance products, you’ll need more than an app or a GPS. The options feature differing treatments of GST, tax deductibility, balance sheet approach and the right choice depends on your business accounting method and company structure. Fortunately, your Jade Business Car Finance consultant is fully conversant with all aspects of each finance product and will explain and simplify the details for you. In consultation with yourself and your accountant, your consultant will structure a package designed to deliver tax effectiveness, ease pressure on cash flow and operating expenditure and facilitate moving forward with your business plans.

Commercial finance for business vehicles, options include:-

  • Chattel Mortgage: The most popular business car finance product as it suits many businesses using a cash accounting method. The lender takes a mortgage over the vehicle while the borrower has full use of the vehicle and is responsible for all expenses. The loan is set-up with our cheap interest rates which are fixed for the term of the loan; fixed monthly repayments; fixed loan term. A balloon may be included in the package. Your consultant will provide specifics in regard to what elements of the loan tax deductible and on which GST apply. Your consultant will tailor the repayments and loan term to suit your business operation.
  • Car Lease: This is an off-balance sheet finance facility as the vehicle appears on the lender’s not the borrower’s balance sheet and lease payments are a tax deductible operating expense. Jade structures car leases to include our low interest rates; fixed monthly lease payments negotiated to suit your cash flow; fixed lease term to suit your business planning model. The residual is determined by ATO guidelines.
  • Novated Car Lease: A ‘salary sacrificing’ finance facility for businesses providing a fully maintained vehicle for an employee to use in their role with all costs including the lease payments, paid by the employer and deducted from the employee’s pre-tax income. This lease is an agreement between the lender, employer and employee with benefits for all parties. Contact your Jade consultant to discuss the details.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP): Suits many businesses that use cash or accrual accounting method and involves the lender retaining ownership of the vehicle and the borrowing business paying a monthly repayment ‘hire’ fee. Our CHP deals all include the Jade best interest rates, fixed monthly payments to suit your budget, fixed loan term and the option of a balloon. Your Jade consultant can provide further details.


For all sized businesses from the smallest owner-operators, through to the largest corporations, and for all types of business vehicles – new and used – all Jade Business Car Finance packages include the Jade trademark cheap interest rates, terms negotiated to support your business objectives and the one-to-one services of our professional finance consultants.

  • Call us now for a no-obligation enquiry
  • Call us now to answer any questions
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  • Call us now even if you have low docs and have been rejected by other lenders
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Complete Range of Business Car Loans Available

  • New and Used Cars
  • Dealer and private seller purchases
  • Budget cars and luxury vehicles
  • Single vehicle or an entire fleet

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About Jade

Especially if you are in a situation where you have low docs or no financials, you want to know that your application for a business car loan is handled professionally with a respectful understanding of your personal circumstances. At Jade, you have our assurance that our trained, locally-based consultants will provide a service which is totally focussed on you and your needs.

Established for a long period and with accreditation with many financial institutions and lenders, Jade has access to a wide range of lending products and provide both personal and commercial finance for many purposes.

In stark contrast to some in the finance sector, Jade has always prioritised you, the customer. Not profits and obligations to shareholders. Our service is structured with you at the epicentre and our consultants work towards assisting you achieve your financial goals with the best lending products available.

You will deal with your own Jade business car loan consultant who is a licensed representative and an expert in this particular field and well-qualified to take you through every stage of your loan procedure.

100% Australian owned and a member of the FBAA, Jade Finance Australia adopts the nationally recognised Code of Practice, overseen by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). You can discuss your personal situation with your Jade consultant in the knowledge that you are dealing with a person who not only cares about your loan requirements, but has passed stringent checks and attained the required education and training qualifications.

Low Docs, No Financials Car Loans – Making it Possible

With recent changes in the financial sector, many institutions have tightened their lending guidelines even further. Making it somewhat challenging for people with low docs or no financials to arrange a car loan for their business.

  • Your Jade Consultant has the expert knowledge of the market and the network of lender connections to know which lender can offer you the best low docs commercial car finance package.
  • As a broker, we’re not hamstrung by the same constraints as many banks and traditional lending institutions who have to simply follow their company rules. And if your application doesn’t tick all their boxes – no deal!

Comparison Rate

*The interest rate is for a commercial new car loan where the goods are used for more than 50% business use. Please contact our office for consummer personal use interest rates. Effective 28/11/2023 and subject to financier loan approval.

**Terms of the Guaranteed Offer $200 Rebate

Rate quotes are to be provided to Jade Equipment Finance Pty Ltd (ABN 84 925 494 047 ) by writing on the lenders letterhead. It must be current within 7 days. Only lenders which are on our panel of finance companies and banks are included in the guaranteed offer. $200 is paid on the acceptance in taking the Jade Finance matched quote. Providing a better package against financiers or banks not on our panel we are happy to assist, though we cannot guarantee.

Manufacturer subsidised discounted interest rate incentives do not apply with this promotion.

25 Sep Today's
best rate
Today's Business Rate
From {{Advertised Rate Only}} %*
*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 28/11/2023 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Car Financing Calculator

Knowledge is power and also recognizing a ballpark on your loan payments offers you self-confidence to progress with your acquisition. Utilize our car financing calculator for a price opr estimate on month to month payments.

Finance Calculator Disclaimer

Business Car Finance FAQs

Finance for the purchase of business vehicle is quite a technical and somewhat complex lending area as it involves a number of accounting and taxation issues. We have provided quite detailed information on each of the finance facilities in our web pages and in these FAQs we provide more precise answers to direct queries. With decisions around which type of business vehicle finance is best suited for your business, we highly recommend you consult with your accountant. For a quote on your car loan or to answer more questions, please call us on 1300 000 003.

Is my car repayment a tax deduction?   

The treatment of tax deductions varies with the different types of business vehicle finance products. The monthly repayment includes interest and paying off the loan principle. It will also include an amount to cover any recurring lender charges.


With leasing, the repayments are tax deductible.


With Chattel Mortgage and CHP, the interest portion of the repayments is the only tax deductible element.


A tax benefit is realised by Chattel Mortgage and some CHP loans by way of asset depreciation. With these types of finance the vehicle is entered in the balance sheet of the borrower and is subject to a depreciation allowance in accordance with ATO rulings.


With Vehicle Leasing, the vehicle is not entered in the borrower’s balance sheet as ownership is retained by the lender. So the asset is not subject to the tax benefit of depreciation by the borrower.


So Leasing provides a tax benefit with the monthly repayments and Chattel Mortgage and CHP receive a tax deduction when the asset is depreciated in the end of year accounts.

Do I pay GST on car payments?   

The treatment of GST varies for Leasing, Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase. GST is charged on the purchase price of a car but not on the interest charged on the loan.


With Chattel Mortgage and CHP the full GST which is applied to the purchase of the automobile can be claimed by the borrower/buyer when the purchase is finalised. That means on the next BAS return. As the full amount of GST applicable to the purchase has been claimed, no GST then applies to the repayments. 


With Leasing the GST is applied to the repayments and claimed by the borrower on the relevant BAS returns either monthly, quarterly or annually according to their BAS lodgement schedule.


The same guidelines apply to the balloon and residual payments.


Please note claims maybe upto luxury car tax threshold.



What types of business car finance do you offer?   

We offer the full portfolio of commercial finance facilities for business vehicle purchases:


  • Chattel Mortgage. This type of loan is referred to as a Motor Vehicle Business Loan by some banks. Suitable for the cash accounting method.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase. Suitable for either cash or accruals accounting.
  • Lease. An off-balance sheet type of financing.
  • Novated Lease with Salary Sacrifice. Suitable for employers looking to purchase a vehicle for an employee and the employee opts to sacrifice salary.


Each lending type offers tax benefits and has varying treatments of GST and other finance and accounting elements. The ownership of the vehicle during the loan term also varies. With Chattel Mortgage and CHP the borrower has ownership and use of the vehicle when the purchase is finalised. With Leasing, the borrower has full use of the vehicle but ownership is retained by the lender.

How do I select which business finance type to use?   

The different types of business vehicle finance – Chattel Mortgage, CHP and Leasing – have different features in regard to the treatment of GST, tax deductions, ownership of the vehicle, balance sheet entries and suitability to either the cash or accruals methods of accounting.


Due to the accounting implications, it is strongly recommend that business owners refer to their accountant, chief financial officer or financial advisor for advice as to which finance product is best suited to achieve their financial objectives.


It is not within the scope or responsibility of the role of Jade to advise on the specific selection of finance products for individual customers or businesses.

What finance is suited for the Government asset accelerated depreciation measures?   

The Federal Government introduced a number of accelerated asset depreciation measures as part of the coronavirus economic stimulus response. These include Instant Asset Write-Off and temporary full expensing.


Both these measures relate to depreciation or writing off the value of the asset, that is the vehicle in the year of purchase rather than over time under usual ATO rulings.


In order to depreciate the car as an asset, the borrowing company must have that asset on their books. That is, as an asset for their company. This is the case with Chattel Mortgage but not with Leasing. So our understanding is that Chattel Mortgage is most suited to realise the benefits of these measures.

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