Buying Cars in the COVID-19 Era

Coronavirus has impacted many aspects of our lives and the way we go about so many aspects of business and our daily schedule. Driving and cars is no exception. With stay at home orders in place, many of us have hardly used our cars in weeks. But as we are being told in the messaging – it’s no time for complacency.

We cover off on updates, advice and what’s happening to keep you informed:-

  • The NRMA advised car owners to turn over their engines regularly if they’re not being used regularly. Their roadside service had experienced a spike in call-outs for flat batteries.
  • Many people have been asking questions around if they are allowed to just ‘go for a drive’. Ahhhh memories of taking Nana for a Sunday afternoon drive when it was a great source of entertainment! The responses have differed across states and jurisdictions. You should check the restrictions in your area so you don’t risk a fine. As restrictions start to be eased, it should be much easier to keep your battery and engine running smoothly with regular jaunts.
  • After weeks, which in many households felt like months, of being told to stay home except for essential purposes, states are gradually easing restrictions. For drivers who have been on the roads throughout, especially in the major cities, they’ve been enjoying a reduction in traffic, making it much faster to get from A to B. But police in some states are reporting an increase in speeding infringements. So be alert to speed limits. Less cars on the road is not a signal to put your foot on the pedal.
  • Even though many students are engaged in learning from home, school zone speed limits are still in operation during the school terms.
  • In a media release, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries advise motorists to increase hygiene practices in the vehicles to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Recommendations include wiping down high-contact areas with disinfectant wipes, don’t forget the door handles and controls; limit the number of people in your vehicle to observe social distancing rules; take care when refuelling; be careful when cleaning that you don’t damage surfaces with strong chemicals.
  • Refuelling – the recommendation is to use antiseptic wipes or hand sanitiser after refuelling and using EFTPOS terminals. Before you get back into the car is best to avoid transferring any nasties into your vehicle.
  • For motor racing enthusiasts the suspension of the Supercars Series is a body blow. But good news –Supercars has pivoted to an e-series which is being televised on the 10 Network. It’s attracting drivers from other classifications including young Grand Prix star Max Verstappen who put in a great performance in his first race. Noting it was on the track where he scored a major GP victory.
  • Many regional car shows will fall victim to the coronavirus. We browsed online for an update of what has been postponed or cancelled and general information is difficult to source. It appears many local Car Swap Meets are scheduled for May 2020 but some larger events and Classic Car have been postponed or cancelled. Check your club or local regional contacts for details.
  • Most of the Caravan, Camping and Outdoor Expos and events have already been cancelled or rescheduled.
  • Car service centres are still operating so while you don’t have as much use for your car, it could be a good opportunity to bring forward any scheduled servicing and maintenance. Gives you a viable excuse to get out and support your local car service business as well. If you usually utilise their customer lounge, you might like to check if it is currently open. Social distancing regulations will likely mean most are closed so you will have to make alternative arrangements.
  • Many car dealers and showrooms are moving to a contactless style of operation but are still open for business. Both new and used dealerships are open and auctions have moved online, so there are still plenty of opportunities to purchase a new car.
  • Many sellers, including new car dealerships, will likely be quite happy to bring the car to your place for a viewing and test drive – just ask!
  • No more ‘shaking on a car deal’. The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy has said that many of the physical and social distancing practices that we have had to adapt due to coronavirus may very well be permanent. With changes impacting even the sphere of business car finance rates, many other voices are being heard that the traditional handshake may be a thing of the past as people adhere to better hand hygiene. So, in the era of changing norms, what will become of the classic shaking on a new car deal? The challenge is out there – what do you think should replace the handshake when buying a new car? Let us know your ideas.

Business Car Loans – Business as Usual

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