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Get terrific rates on used car finance and save with Jade on second hand used car loans. Find out just how our cheap car loan interest rates are.

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Used Car Finance

At Jade Finance we look at the assorted loan packages that are supplied by car lending institutions. We take detailed notice at the interest rate, car loan terms, repayment term, duration of time before the car loan gets approved, the loan company's fees and charges and any break fees if you payout your loan at an earlier time, in addition to other items. Though the used car finance interest rates are certainly a important factor, additional costs are not ignored.

Jade Finance can look after:

Used Cars and New Car Loans

100% Lending Available

84 month Car Loans Readily Obtainable

Car Finance For Private Sale Purchase OK

Including Business Car Finance, Chattel Mortgage Car Loan and Car Leasing.

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Just complete the used car loan quote and we will find which one will suit you best. We spend the time to research and have extensive knowledge of the Australian used car loan market. Having a car loans broker like Jade do all the work for you makes the finance process easy and simple.

Types of Used Car Finance

Used car finance is usually offered over a repayment period of between 3 to 7 years. Depending on the age of the car that you are buying, some finance lenders can restrict the approval for your car loan.

Jade can arrange your car finance through a variety of lenders that reward lower interest rates on used car loans.

We will make sure that you are provided with all options that you might want included in your financial package.

For example:

Comprehensive Car Insurance for the first year,

Warranties or mechanical breakdown insurance,

Unemployment, disability, or death credit protection.

Cheap Car LoansUsed Car Loan Rates

Notwithstanding that, you personally, might get a good used car loans package if you take time to weigh against the finance interest rates and terms of used car loans offered by different lenders. Why not let Jade do this for you?

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